Boutique metal wedding invitation in pink, taupe, beige and green

Metal Wedding Invitations

Metal wedding invitations are boutique style invitations that will take your breath away and delight your family, friends and celebrants. When you send your guests metal wedding invitations, you’re also sending them a gift they may treasure for always. Traditional wedding invitations are typically kept until the wedding date has passed. Family members may keep their paper invitations in a scrapbook and some guests may toss theirs in a drawer or away. Metal wedding invitations are based on art, as well as functionality, and are designed to be adored and displayed every day before and after your blessed event.

Your wedding invitation should be as classic and unique as the wedding itself. Choose from our selections of pre-designed artwork or have your invitations designed specifically for your bespoke wedding. Custom magnetic ribbon closures allow each of your guests to unwrap their exquisite piece from three layers of satin ribbon, unveiling the art that defines the essence of your relationship, as well as a poetic sentiment of your faith or gratitude. Eloquently set the tone you wish to convey with a custom design that best suits you, your guests and the memories you wish to make. 

Metal wedding invitations may also be combined with complementing table menus, table signage, wedding favors and guestbook canvases. Packages are also available to accommodate all of your pre-wedding day and wedding day decor, keeping your artwork theme throughout. Theming includes wedding invitations, wedding favors, bridal party gifts, wedding party gifts and loving thank-you plaques for the parents of the bride or groom. Shop all metal wedding invitations here.