Custom 10 Year Anniversary Gift Art Proof for Gada J



• Size: 8×10 Framed Metal Anniversary Art Print – Opaque
• Delivery: Approximately 7 days from proof approval
• Design # 1210


Opaque metal is first coated in a thin white enamel. Opaque metal offers bolder colors and true whites but you will not see or feel raw metal underneath.

Translucent metal is direct to metal printing and has a luminescent effect when light reflects against colors on this metal. Very dark colors are opaque and whites are completely transparent, revealing the raw metal color underneath. The softer colors on the spectrum between black and white will vary, from slightly transparent to a light staining effect.  You WILL see and feel the actual metal beneath the art and the colors on translucent metal prints.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to change from opaque to translucent (or vice versa), you will have the option to do so on the PROOF REPLY form. Please note that this will override your previous selection and no further confirmation will be given or requested. 

** Please purchase any Optional Add-ons prior to sending your proof approval

Thank you for choosing art to memorialize your precious life events!

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