Welcome to Lucky Tusk.


Well known for personalized canvas and paper prints… Notorious for our 10 year anniversary gifts on tin!


Lucky Tusk uses a proprietary enamel blend and surface coating that makes our metal prints unique and superior to any other metal prints you may have encountered. You will be very pleased with the quality and color of each original art print. Our metal is an .040 tin/aluminum blend and is first coated with a thin white enamel surface. This allows us to print in full color and high definition directly onto the metal. You will not see any underlying raw metal color or texture distortions. Instead, your art will be printed on a glossy metal panel for a timeless 10 year anniversary keepsake.


Your momentous occasions are truly important to us. We are extremely honored that you would choose our custom art to preserve your most precious moments. Thank you for welcoming us into your home!